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Our Story

Started in the year 2017, Earth EnergyEV has been a forerunner in the Indian Electric Vehicles industry with its multiple OEM offerings and Energy efficient Electric Vehicles helping the ecosystem thrive. We are involved in the development of Electric Motorcycles, Scooters, Commercial Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicle Drivetrains.Our Belief is in one moto and that is completely made in India and that has been our mission since the begining. Being a small scale start up at first Earth Energy Ev began with a small but talented team headed by the Founder Mr. Rushii Shenghani. Earth Energy EV has now reached a scale where we can proudly say that we are helping India move a step closer to an all electric future.


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Our Vision

To accelerate the worlds adoption of green and clean mobility by making it affordable & reliable.

Our Mission

To create affordable and reliable mobility solutions by using our localized  technologies that are not only green but are easy to maintain.

Our Values

Superficialy trades can be classified as B2B B2C B2G but, we believe deep down it is always H2H (Human to Human), hence at Earth Energy, we consider our employees, channel partners and customers as an integral part of the growth and development of our organization.



Rushi Shenghani

Suresh Shenghani

Lalu Joshi

Geeeta Shenghani

Kavan Raval

Manali J

Sonali Takmoge

Founder, CEO



Head of Operations

Chief Sales Officer

Executive Assistant

HR Manager


Praveen Prajapat

Harness Design Engineer

Harsh Nayal

Electronics Engineer

Sikandar Kanojiya

Electronics Engineer

Rajdeep Kapadia

Electronics Engineer

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Garvit Munjal

Vishal Sharma

Aksheen Porecha

Chirag Khanna

Chief Design Officer

Concept Designer

Creative Designer

CAS Modeler 


Hemil Patel

Head of Operations

Sadanand Bhiva

Vehicle Technician 

Varun Kambli

Purchase Manager

Dilip Pal

Vehicle Technician

Jayprakash Gupta

Battery Production Manager



Parth Buha

Mahendra Solanki

Mukund Shinde

Mechanical Design Engineer 

Head of homologation

Chief Mechanical Engineer

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